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One of those indie chicks who acts all supreme and crap, she has a bandlist on her myspace that's miles long, most of the bands she hasn't even listened fully to, and she claims that you cannot like a band if she likes it, because she is more indie than you.
indiebitch: i've liked the shins sound before garden state came out. you don't even understand their music like i do because i'm so much more indie than you.

me: get over yourself.
by Michelle^^ July 23, 2006
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A person, generally in their late teens or early twenties, who believes their music is far superior to yours, not due to musical quality, but simply due to the fact that their music is obscure and no one else cares about it. Usually, their music is shitty, and they will force you to listen to it. If you tell them their music is shitty, they will get really angry at you, feign a look of indignation, and just call you an idiot. They also like coffee, simply because they think it makes them sophisticated.
(Normal person is in car with Indie Bitch)

Normal Person: Hey, can we turn off this cd and switch it to the radio? I'm not really into the Himalayan monk chant combined with a two man band that plays didgeridoos, harpsichords, and the honky tonk.

Indie Bitch: Eww, of course not! That music is so terrible. It's all just corporate garbage and it all sounds the same. Try to have some creativity, dumb ass! (Drinks caramel macchiato)
by Das Whack July 21, 2008
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A person who only listens to the first three tracks of an album they read about on Pitchfork, and then pretend like they know everything about the band.
Alex: Listen to Cut Copy's album! It's awesome
Mark: I know, I like track 8.
Alex: Oh I've never heard that one.
Mark: ...
Mark: Fucking indiebitch.
by Alex Le November 04, 2005
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The opposite of an indie fag, A very very hot woman who is into music not alot of people have heard of
Damn nigga, Did you see that fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee indie bitch?
by indiebitchluvr August 12, 2008
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