a label that people just don't understand that fucking concept of.
"indies" tend to dress in plaid flannels, wear thick rimmed glasses, any "vintage" band tees, bandanas, ray bans, converse, etc etc.
although they strive to stand out & not follow trends, they usually turn out to look just like every other "indie kid" out there, much like emos, scenes, etc..
individual doesn't mean go out there and dress in vintage clothes, it means to do what YOU want do. not to do what OTHERS don't do. most people who claim to be indies try way too hard to not be like others. long story short, a true individual is open to things and doesn't try to be anything, just do or dress whatever way they want.
'Indie' kid: yeah i went to Urban Outfitters, i'm soooo indie!
True individual: oh their clothes are pretty cute. how is it indie?
'Indie' kid: because no one shops there and im sooo original for wearing their clothes.
True individual: haha a lot of people shop there ya'know..
'Indie' kid: fuck.

True individual: huh, Green Day isn't too bad...
'Indie' kid: uuggghhh i hate them!
True individual: what's wrong with 'em?
'Indie' kid: too much people listem to them {indie kid bitches for hours about how it's "unoriginal" and tries to sound like a genius}
True individual: ha, so you won't give it a chance just because people listen to them?
'Indie' kid: Exactly.
True individual: uh, just because some bands don't have many listeners doesn't mean their automatically musical geniuses...
'Indie' kid: *blank stare* {in her head she's panicing because she just got outsmarted}
True individual: mhm...
by idontreallygiveafuck July 13, 2010
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listen, "indie" is not a genre of music. It means independent music - think like the bohemian lifestyle. There is no such thing as indie music versus rap music or whatever the fuck you want to compare it to. It represents an era, not one certain type of music. get is right.
Be indie in everything you do.
by i am always right. September 07, 2006
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some lame people came up with a label for being an individual and somehow managed to relate it to independent music which is stupid because independent isn't a genre. I know I know. you really believe it is. since when are independent rap artists and independent rock bands under the same category? get lives.
normal person: what kind of music do you listen to?
moron who wishes he was indie: oh I'm into bands of the independent persuasion
normal person: oh okay. so have you ever heard of 'you are a sadass liar'?
moron: not since they went mainstream. what a bunch of pathetic sellouts.
normal person: yeahhh.
by bexox August 17, 2006
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Indie is a genre of music, it stands for independent rock. In terms of music it would be independent of major labels/mainstream stuff. It's nothing like emo or scenester. Indie can get through a whole song without screaming random words so loud that your throat is red and bleeding or of course crying. Which is the two things emo songs can't do, even if they tried..
Indie Kid: Do you have any Bright Eyes posters?

Shop Assistant: No, but we do have Trivium and Cradle of Filth.

Indie Kid: Do I look like a fucking emo to you?!
by The New Improved Emily May 09, 2006
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Indie means independent right? so it means pretty much any band that releases an album or song independantly without using major record companies. so a rocker could release an album by himself and its Indie. A rapper could then theoretically release an album by himself and he'd technically also be indie. A techno song could be Indie. so could pop, grunge, metal, jazz, etc etc. as long as its released independently.

So why the FUCK do people keep calling it a genre?
Person 1: My favourite genre of music is rap.

Person 2: I hate rap, i loooove Indie though. Especially Atmosphere.

Person 1: But he's a rapper........
by MakTheRipper November 15, 2009
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FFS! can people stop calling killers and snow patrol indie!!!!!!!!

the only mainstream indie band is arctic monkeys. and thats only cos they originated from real indie stuff.

modern indie bands: the films, llibertines, babyshambles, maximo park.

pete doherty is the perfect indie, he's likable yet doesnt get on with anyone and is himself.

indie music has meaningful lyrics, yet isnt depressing like emo.

if you have any idea wat good music is, you'l love indie.

although this definition didnt actually say what indie is; there is a reason for that. indie isnt anything, its just people or music being watever it wants to be and not caring what anyone else thinks of that.

if you have a problem with this definition, email me yeah?
no example cos indie is whatever.
by OllieT, dont label me. June 06, 2007
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Indie is short for Independent. Nothing more nothing less. In the sense in which I am typing I am referring to music, for the sole reason of mis-interpretation. First things first. You cannot like "indie" music. I mean... I guess you can. But it is unreasonable to say. Thats like saying you only like music distributed by Tooth and Nail records for example... Indie is not a genre; no matter what the media wants you to believe... Now. What most people will consider "indie" music is alternative rock. Or mellow acoustic. Or dance. But in reality "indie" can be hardcore death metal, reggae, rap ect... Also. You can't be "indie".
Okay. I guess I will name some bands that someone might consider "indie" even though I'm completely contradicting myself...

Milosh, The Snake The Cross The Crown, The Red Paintings, Why?, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Happy Mondays, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Q and not U, Token, Silp and Tra, Feel from, Owen, Pedro the Lion, MGMT, cLOUDDEAD, David Bazan, The Replacements.
by Chris doesn't know what to put September 01, 2008
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