it has been said many different ways. But "indie" is very broad and encompasses a lot. Its not always a person who tries to go against the main stream-but just someone who likes what isn't popularized... Indie is what something is before its watered down and presented for basic and massive culture. Yes some people who like indie music are proud and can be sarcastic to those that do not try to further their tastes beyond mtv, radio and mega cd stores. Indie-"kids" tend to hunt out more for music.
Indie can also appeal to hip hop, electro, baile funk, and every catagory-since it justs means independent.
music kid: i love death cab, and the killers- their so indie!
Indie person: Actually they're quite mainstream, try again. Instead perhaps: Red paintings, silversun pickups, the knife, Dresdon Dolls, Clouddead, CocoRosie, SpankRock, Diplo, Hot chip, Muslimgauze, Milosh, Neon Blonde, Nouvelle Vague, Rasputina, Von Iva, and Arcade Fire!
by mmm, good music is tasty October 26, 2006
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Abstract kids. nothing like them in the world. everybody says theyre always so smart and this and that. but u dont have to be a genius. you should just have strong opinions and the strength to back them up when they are questioned. indies just cool in general. it mostly deals with liking things that arent the norm. or dressing the way you want to dress. and being indie means that u dont like lables because they just suck. they chill at nifty places like shows, libraries, the ipod store, and urban outfitters. they dress different. no indie dresses alike so theres no real way to explain it, just that when you see an indie kid youll know its an indie kid.
bob dylan.
anybody at urban outfitters.
anybody in the band death cab for cutie or sullivan etc....
u know. i cant really give an example of indie people bc theyre all so different. so im not even gonna bother anymore
by boomboomhuckjamm July 31, 2006
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Anything (band with independent label, style, person, etc.) that is 'independent'.

Bands are considered indie if they are independent label and make almost no money at all.

Kids generally call themselves indie when they shop at thrift stores. After their escapades in the thrift store, they then buy thousand-dollar Nikon cameras and a polaroid. They take loads of pictures from strange angles, take pointless pictures (such as shoes), and take provocative pictures (but to them, it's not provocative - it's indie).

These people then bitch to normal people about how 'normal' is overrated and that listening to mainstream music shows that you have no individuality.

Apparently, the only way to be an individual is to buy cheap-ass clothes that have been worn by who knows how many people, waste your time and money, and preach to others.
Indie Guy: What are you listening to?

John: Dynamite by Taio Cruz - man this shit has a sick beat.

Indie Guy: Wow. Way to completely turn over your individual soul and personality to the corporate music industry. Find mental maturity through real music by bands that nobody knows.

John: Dude. Shut up.

Indie Guy: I'm gonna go take some pictures of some stupid shit like dirt now.

John: Stupid ass indie kid.
by the kid 101 September 17, 2010
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Indie kids have their own sense of every other group. They may think jocks are too dumb, cheerleaders are too whorish, emos are too pathetic or skaters are just a little out of control. They don't really fit in anywhere. Even around other indies they disagree on who is better, Death Cab or Cutie or the Snow Patrol.

You'll find them in Urban Outfitters, watching Epert and Roeper, or at a library.

They would rather express their own opinion, which is usually more educated than most, then try to fit into one group. This can be annoying because for the most part they are normal, functioning members of society. However, if you ever wanted to do somthing that is mainstream, such as dance at a club or play a sport, even those harmless things are too common for them. Its also a shame because they are usually educated enough to support why they like the Shins and go against the group, but they usually find flaws in everything that isn't in accordance with their own differing beliefs.

Nevertheless, they are better than the extreme, devoted goths, skaters and chavs because at least they are down to earth and know that acting like that is gonna get you nowhere.

The female indies usually end up being financial consultants and the male ones are usually english teachers.
Average Guy: Hey dude, wanna throw a football around?
Indie: Sorry 'dude', I'm trying to decide if Kerry's policies go against his counterpart's own ideals, before my interview at Brown at 4:30. I'd prefer something that can benefit me in 15 years more than tossing around something so pointless.
Average Guy: Well whatever, see you later outcast.

Goth: Hey you should wear some black eyeshadow, it will help show your rebellious side.
Indie: Rebel against what? I like my life and don't hate my parents. Don't be such a waste.

Normal Guy: Hey, I didn't see you at the dance.
Indie: God, I can't stand dances, the music is too loud and too idiotic, the women act like whores, the men act like animals and I would rather be anywhere else.
Normal Guy: Whatever man, I had fun.
Indie: I'm sure you would.
by Average Conformist November 26, 2005
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People who don't think they are better than you in every way.

They know it.
I am one of them. Indie is still independent. For now.
by A_l_e_x_ July 08, 2006
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Indie is a word that has a slightly different meaning for every person on the planet. Here is my definition, Indie is simply being oneself, however only people that are "independent" enough from the norm are recognized as Indie. You do not have to like obscure bands to be Indie, you can like a bit of everything and still be Indie, even pop music, Indie isn't even solely defined by what music you like anyway. It's one aspect, but the clothes you wear, the language you use, your personality. Still, only a few people can be Indie, and you can't learn it, your just born with it. Within Indie, people are still not completely independent of each other, take Pendulum for example, alot of people like them, alot of indie people do too. Indie people share interests and do not all like completely different things, here is what I believe the formula for Indie is, 20-15% pop culture, 80-85% personality/personal taste. It's similar to Ribena, pop culture is Ribena, personality is water, without the pop culture(Ribena) , you and Indie(water and Ribena) will taste nothing alike, Even Indie people need some common ground, or being Indie would be boring, and without the water(personality) your just generic old pop culture, you have nothing to offer the Indie community. But then again, that's just how I define Indie.
Normal guy: Hey, sup

Indie: Not much, just listening to some anamanaguchi

Normal guy: That names retarded

Indie: Have a listen (plugs in earphones)

Normal guy: Hey, that's pretty cool and chiptuney

Indie: Yeah, it's good shizz, well, I'll be on my way, see yah.

Normal guy: Wow, he was nice, pretty cool too, he just had some indescribable aura about him.
by I'm not sure if I'm Indie January 20, 2011
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is another soicial class like chav, goth, emo ect..
people who are indie are not trying to follow along with any fasions or trends, they where whatever they like, they dont take any shit from anyone, unlike most goths, emos and chavs which are all trying to be somthing and have a false personality covered in crap, indie people just do what they want when they want, no this dose not include people trying to make a political statement by wearing a pink shirt to school. Indie people are often cool too, and would not be embarresed like most people today by there parents and own personal intrests.
CoolKid1:My parents wouldent mind if any one drank a few bottles of booze and passed out at my house, they dont give a shit to what i do.

CoolKid2: Yeah my parents too.

CoolKid3: Yeah my Parents let me have parys with loads of beer too whenever i want them, and they dont care what happens.

Well if it was my parents they would call an ambualnce if someone passed out from drinking too much.
Starwars is so gay, im glad i never liked it

Yeah me too, never even see them

Yeah only nerds are into that stuff, i dont even know why they bother making it, no one ever watches it.

I used to be into the star wars films a few years ago, i kind of went off it though as i was disapointed with the newer films. anyway i prefer more realistic films.
I hate those fucking emos, no one wants to here how there lives are so "shit", or why they need sympathy. I used to have a friend who went Emo, he still has the same personality but it is coverd in all that emo shit, so i cant even talk to him now without hearing about how his life sucks and how he is so depressed.
Oi nob'ed, ah ah ah, nice trousers, stitch it up mate ah ah.
(trousers have hole in the crotch)

Nice Face Faggot, do you rub greese into it to help the fungus grow?

*Chav walks off insulted
by Liam archwrite July 12, 2005
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