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People you can barely understand who telephone you regularly usually 10 times a day for solar panels or wants to save you money by putting a virus on your computer, they usually make you feel much safer by telling you they work for the government
Your phone rings for the 100th time you expect those same damn fast talking people aka indian scammer (well speaking very unclearly) you answer the phone, you say hello, no answer you instantly know it's them same damn people. They finally answer they tell you your computer has a virus (this has happened to several people even some which don't have a computer) you go to there website and your computer explodes

The End what a touching story
by that guy who loves lolabunny November 02, 2013
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A person in India who will call you from a scam center there, using a fake American name, saying they are from Microsoft tech support and that you have a virus in your computer, and he needs your personal information to get rid of the virus, but he actually is just going to hack you, take your money, and put a virus in your computer.
Indian Scammer:
Indian calling from India call center: (In heavy Indian accent) Hello, this is Rick, I am calling you today from Microsoft Tech support because we have detected some malware in your computer. We will guide you step by step in order to rid your computer of the virus, ok? First I want you to hold down your four flagged windows key and press R, R as in Romeo. Now I want you to go to this website: type in a, like apple, m, like Michael, m like Michael, y like yellow, y like yellow, dot com. Now press enter. Click the run option.... Now give me your IP address ;)
by Axl Rose October 13, 2016
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