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the ballooning or rapid increase in prison population. incarceration
This all points up that incarceflation is with us: Even though incarceflation is not yet listed in the dictionaries, the condition definitely exists in the United States. On December 31, 2004, 2,135,901 prisoners were held in Federal or State prisons or in local jails - an increase of 2.6% from yearend 2003, less than the average annual growth of 3.4% since yearend 1995. There has been a steady increase over the years. THE PRESENT SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. There is a persistent rise in the prison population. Parole is being held out a an anti-inflationary measure. Reforme is needed. Many think the present Federal Justice System is unjust. There is a retention of prisoers who can be released, those with no violence, no priors, no fines, no restitution. The present system lacks rehabilitation programs.Incarceflation is caused by the misconception that prison sentences reduce crime.
by Lloyd R. Winburn January 25, 2006
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