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A segue into another topic. Used when you want to move on to a new subject, but have no real way to connect it to what you were talking about before.
"So, in other news... I heard broke up with steve."
by progamer124 October 31, 2005
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(phrase) A retort used when someone tells you a story that seems blatantly obvious or that you’ve heard many times before. Most effective when followed up with another obvious statement.
Trump supporter: Donald Trump is going to make America great again!
Anyone else: In other news, blue is a color.

Patriots fan: Your team blew a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl.
Falcons fan: In other news, grass is green.

Omochao: (insert anything here)
Guy playing Sonic Adventure 2: In other news, water is wet. (suddenly gets an idea)
by EqualsPeach November 18, 2017
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A phrase which appears to denote a change in topic, but is in fact a sarcastic example of the topic at hand.
Donald Trump signed another bill banning refugees. In other news, the Klan doesn't like minorities.
by steely_pete October 14, 2017
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