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1. "Some people think imago means 'ima go,' apparently, they have no imago."

2. "nigguh be trippin,

after he be lickin,

some kentucky fried

chicken." BOOM. wadupp bishh?



bitch just got served with some imago forlegit ! :o"

3. "watevvssss you smell like wet monkey on a rainy day in the saharan desert infested with purple oompaloompas in tight cherry red suits like rudolph's nose on a dark, HOT night in Topeka, Kansas. It will be intercepted by the secret duck police of vatican city and be forced to form a new lingua franca in order to facilitate trade with slippery BIG slippery snakes that will swallow you whole."

"damn bitch, you got some NICE ASS imago, won't you back that thang up?"
by anigguhgotimago January 24, 2012
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Term, short for "I'm going to go", generally used as a concession response to an insult. This usually takes place within a Skype chat with friends. The word is pronounced "I'm-ah-goh".
Bob: I pwned you're ass in CSS!!

Dan: Imago
by Joseph Gibson February 03, 2008
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