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An obscure website visited by a number of autistic Canadian alcoholic homosexuals named Steve Bronlonius. Many of them get laid frequently with no real effort on their part. They enjoy telling tales of their own extreme autism, such as leaving cumrags out for roommates to find, or masturbating underneath school desks while in class. The only thing more despised on 99chan than the posters themselves are posts about 99chan - meta-posts.
I'm gonna go be autistic and make a meta thread in the shitcabinet of 99chan.
by Graywilde October 25, 2011
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99chan is an underground chan that was created because every other chan is not in accordance with true "chan" values. It is nearly impossible to be included into the chan, because you are most likely cancerous.

Please do not talk about 99chan, because it should remain obscure and only for the "in-crowd".
"99chan opposes Scientology?"
"Yes, of course. But do not mention 99chan again."
by fubar.regs September 30, 2009
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