A person who immigrates to the U.S. illegally. Some our forced against their will by cartels. Many come to escape the violence of ruthless cartels. Many are actually very honest and work for shitty pay, they are often exploited by people who take advantage of their illegal immigrant status and threaten to reveal them to the authorities. They're willing to fulfill their dreams by getting an honest day's pay, ironically their probably some of the most American people out there.
Naive arrogant retard: I hate illegal immigrants, they're parasites that steal jobs from honest Americans!

Neutral person: You know that in many cases they're fleeing the cartels who kill their relatives. In many cases they'll lure teenage girls into sexual slavery by luring them with promises of work. Then they'll take them across the border, in many cases they'll rape the girls and hang their panties on trees like trophies. They're called "rape trees" in some cases they'll take one girl and proceed to douse her in gasoline then light her on fire as an example of what happens when you run away.

retard #2: Eh fuck you! what du u know!
Neutral Person: My daughter was kidnapped, raped, and turned into a plaything by those cartel bastards you little shit. How about I take you to Mexico and give you a taste of what it's like huh?
by jstspkingtruth March 24, 2013
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