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When one makes a cardboard cat/dog, proceeds to spray paint it at least a drop realistically, with tinfoil eyes on both sides. Attach non reflective fishing line. Proceed to shoot/break immediate area street lights. Place artificial animal on other side of street, with end of fishing line in your hand. When a vehicle comes along proceed to drag the cardboard animal towards its untimely death. When the vehicle spots the reflection of the tinfoil eyes, end result should be either:
A- Skidmarks in the street
B- One dead cardboard animal with one very worried late night soccer mom.
C- Vehicle either stops or crashes.
When "C" happens, proceed to run like hell and dissapear to the pre determined safe houses.
What non-mormon kids do in Utah for fun.

John: Let's go idiot fishing!
Gage: Yeah sounds good, im getting tired of going dumple throwing.
by Norman the Non-Mormon February 11, 2008
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Idiot Fishing is when someone makes a completely ridiculous (usually a wigger rap star lol) Facebook or Myspace fake account and friends as many random people they can. Once you have a decent haul of idiots, try befriending or spitting game as your persona. The result can be an excellent source of lulz.

Hint, if you can start drama with some trashy girls or REAL losers that you're mimicking, the end result is priceless.
Joe: OH MAN, you have got to try idiot fishing!
Tom: Really? I've never heard of it.
Joe: It's awesome, I've started all kinds of artificial drama with a bunch of losers that should be building into a gang war here soon.
Tom: That's kinda weird man...
Joe: Yea, but it's all for the lulz.
Tom: Ahhh, I see, I'll make a fake account tonight and join in.
by Yeahhhhh... right...... January 11, 2008
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