Idc about you eating my cereal 🥣
by Alt vibes September 22, 2021
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When you're both being petty and pretending that you don't care about each other to the point it turns into a competition of who cares the least. IDC wars usually happen to people not in a defined relationship and who don't want to admit their feelings to each other.
Friend: Btw did you see her ig story last night?

You: Nah I muted her, can I see it through your phone though
Friend: You guys are so petty you love these idc wars
by Sentiman December 10, 2021
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Idc zeppeli is a walking W

And his discord server is alright
"Have you seen idc zeppeli "
"Yes he's a walking W alright"
by Commander balls September 1, 2021
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