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An annoying Mac user who is in love with Steve Jobs and Apple and constantly has to remind you that any issue you are currently having with your PC/Music Player/Dishwasher could be easily resolved if you just switched to Apple.
"Hexx0r_jobs is such an iTroll, every time I come onto the forum to ask a question about my PC, he tells me I can resolve the issue by getting a Mac. What an asshole!"
by theadamsegal October 14, 2009
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Endless trolling throughout the interweb in order to patent common, public domain design elements used by various vendors and products in order to patent them, leading to petty court caes and counter litigation as made popular by Apple.
oooh - that cover flow design thing where objects move between each other like a jukebox has been using for years is cool - let's iTroll and patent it!

I know...let's iTroll numbers next week and perhaps the days of the week!
by DJ Ovengloves and Bowders September 13, 2010
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