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When 2 men ejaculate into a woman's ears, one ear each, leaving a large reservoir of ejaculate in each ear. Some of the semen will then run down her cheeks giving the impression that she is wearing a pair of the white headphones popularised by the Apple iPod.
This bird is well mucky, we gave her the iPod ears and she loved it.
by stiff peeda February 19, 2010
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When something someone said is misheard because one's hearing has been damaged by excessive iPod usage on high volume. Often results in the misinterpratioin of the intended message.
Man, I asked Ashley if she wanted to get take-out, but she thought I said "make-out," that chicks got iPod ears...
by Mr.Cheesy May 23, 2007
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when someone sings while listening to a song on their ipod and thinks they are singing in tune
person 1 "oh god sarah is really having a bad case of ipod ear"
person 2 "yeah no one can hit the high note in "Don't stop Believing"
by urbankid321 September 27, 2009
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When your not used to the headphones that come with your Ipod and they fall out all the time.
Guy 1: Ergh im seriously thinking of ditching my Ipod! These little earphone things keep falling out!

Guy 2: Hang in there mate! You just havnt got you Ipod ears yet!
by Charly09 January 25, 2009
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