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the future of women's undergarments. Will contained built in iDildo technology that can be tuned to your iPod to enable custom vibration according to your music. This new feature will be called iFuck and will come with a later enhancement called iFuckedYourMama(check UD for further references). iPanties will also feature the new iAmWatchingYou feature which will allow Steve Jobs the wonderful creator of Apple to see you vag from heaven even though he is dead (although it is speculated that due to shitty products God deemed it a sin and sent Steve Jobs to iHell). iPanties will include the new iWedgie feature to increase the size of the fat ass occupying the iPanties.
HOLY SHIT GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL, did u buy dem new iPanties yet?

Awhhhhhhhhh Pooky nem u betch i did, i be so sexy in dem tangs!!!
by devon_till January 15, 2012
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