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Information Wedgie.

A song, catch-phrase or other meme that gets stuck in your head.

An annoying, unwelcome and spontaneously recalled memory caused by prior iPod, internet, or other media overexposure, typically requiring direct action to "pick it out".
Example 1
A: *mindlessly hums to self*
B: What's up? Are you hurt?
A: I gotta iWedgie. That John Mayer song keeps playing in my head, driving me crazy.
B: Dude, I TOLD you that if you kept hanging out with that hippie chick that you'd pay the price.

Example 2
A: Dude, did I just hear you singing the Barney theme song?
B: Sorry, man. My kid's DVD has given me a wicked iWedgie. Play some White Stripes to help me pick it out.
by david Somers February 08, 2008
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