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After the release of the iPod and the even more successful iPhone and iTouch, there have been numerous marketing campaigns in which almost every company has featured a product with the letter "i" infront of there product even though they are totally unrelated to electronics or mp3 players.
"iBanking? Fuckin iFad"

by SLiCKRiCK00 April 18, 2009
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The brief interest in ipad, followed by it's users abandoning it for a new trend.
This is just an ifad.
by *dynamite! January 27, 2010
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the most recent smartphone app that everyone is playing. immensely popular but doomed to be replaced by another one before long.
Me: what's that game? Words with Friends?

Friend: No man, Hang with Friends. words with friends is out.

Me: I can't keep up with these iFads.
by MikeyBob December 06, 2011
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Increasing FIRST Awareness in Deaf/Disabled Schools. This movement in FIRST Robotics has been started by Team 2016 the Mighty Monkey Wrenches help the deaf and later disabled become better included and to make FIRST more accessible to deaf/disabled students.
Woodie: "Wow! Project iFADS is great!"

Dean: "It is great what these kids are doing!"
by ninininininnini February 24, 2011
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the epitome of all lovers; a person who is constantly showing off by wearing a backwards hat, a college tee, and sandals
No one will compare to ifad.

That one guy from the party was such an ifad, getting all the girls to stare.

by slurpynoodle December 27, 2007
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