This is basically when you're laying in your bed and then you yeet off of it and stand up on the ground and all of a sudden your vision starts to see yellow blurry spots and you have a light headache and it feels like you're tripping on mushrooms but you're all fine in dandy in like 3 seconds
person: *gets up from bed* *sees yellow blurry spots and gets a headache*
person: "wtf is happening
brain: it's called orthostatic hypotension you fucking idiot
by M4rshm4 February 21, 2019
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When you stand up from sitting or lying down and then get high for 3 seconds. This happens because your body couldn't adjust your blood pressure fast enough from a lying to a standing position. This is similar to how you feel like crap when you volunteered to quickly for a job that you were disastrously unqualified for.
Hey gramps, dont get up too fast or Orthostatic Hypotension will sit yo ass back down.
by InstituteOfNursingParlance September 08, 2019
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