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an ear condition,in which one has a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sounds,which normally would not bother a person with normal hearing's ears.certain sounds will cause your ear drums to cringe,and have a spasm which is described as "fluttering" in the ear can be more severe in some cases than others from what i is caused by a number of things,such as prolonged exposure to loud noise,prolonged use of certain drugs,such as aspirin,head trauma,and many others.all though there isn't exactly a total cure for it,the ear's tolerance level can be brought up greatly by using pink noise cd' doing so it can get alot stronger,and it will be able to tolerate more noise,but it will not make the ear 100% better.
i am 18 years old and already have hyperacusis,mainly cause i did the stupid thing by listening to music on headphones daily,for 8 years,played in a band that practiced significantly loud,and used aspirin for a long period of time,due to the fact that i thought i had a non-existant heart problem.DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AS ME.
by y2c January 20, 2009
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A kind of disorder often related to SPD, or Sensory Processing Disorder, in which one's ears are very much more sensitive to sound than other people.
"I wrote this and I have hyperacusis. I can hear dog whistles. It's horrible. Please respect me!"
by GayerthanyouHA! February 22, 2019
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