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One who is on the Conservative side of politics, who is anti-everything.
This Hyper-Christian doesn't like abortion, or think a woman can do his job. She needs to get him coffee.
by xnem November 19, 2013
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A Hyper Christian is a highly brainwashed Christian person who is all super hyped up on Jesus and the religious system of Christianity, including the Bible. Hyper Christians are bigots who are absolutely intolerant of any other religion and it's beliefs like Gnosticism, Judaism, Islam, Paganism, Athiesm, Buddaism etc. Hyper Christians insist that their religion is the only right one and that all other religions are of the devil. A hyper christian will always attempt to shove their religious beliefs down other peoples throats using the bible to condemn them using fear based tactics like hell and sin. 95% of all hyper christians are women who were born into the modern era of western evangelical christianity. It should also be noted that hyper christians are very contentious, highly superstitious, and crazy. Hyper Christians demand respect for their religious beliefs, but are not willing to respect the religious beliefs of other people.
"I see that you have become a crazy hyper christian all hyped up on your religious beliefs"
by θeɪtən June 09, 2018
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