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someone who buys indie jumpers, wear's obey snap-back's and tie up hoodies just cause everyone else is. Hype kids usually carry a skateboard but usually cant skate very well. They also tend to like Tyler the creater and usualy post ODWGKTA as Facebook statuses.
hey look at that a jack kid hes bait
ahhh i know dude and that Owen there such a hype kid's man
by longleggedportorican February 16, 2012
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An absolute dickhead. He/She will most certainly be the person you are reading about in all those instagram posts about "missing my bestfriend". You all need to realise your friend is a cunt who got mad with popularity and now hangs out with all the cool kids and do meth on street corners in working class areas. Also nazis and hype kids. As are every religion and race and person in the world except me. Your all cunts. NOTE- I wasnt high writing this
"Hey tom have you seen niall anywhere?"
"Yeah i saw him a few minutes ago doing weed anally while getting head off a ginger with no hair"
"How did you know she was ginger if she had no hair?"
"Her pubes"
"Fucking hype kid"
by Negrohanger September 18, 2016
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Usually a skateboarder without the long hair but wears skate clothes and preaches at McDonalds.
Just to avoid those hype kids.
by PerryTheOfficialPlatypus September 08, 2015
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