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A Hot White Bish;
a very atractive white girl

Pronounced: Hoob, Hwib, Hub

also see, Hwberculosis (a preference for white girls)
C: Man that girl is how
T: yea shes a total Hwb
by Cfu August 13, 2006
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Hipsters with benefits or Hipster with benefits
Hipsters are loved in the whole world, and they get a lot of benefits, bro.
"I just got a an A on my Essay" - Me
"Your just a HWB.." - Random dude
by Genuine Hipster February 10, 2012
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My friend has one hwb in bed at night.
When the weather is cold my friend puts more than one hot water bottle into the bed.
by St. Ias December 15, 2005
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