Is a typical russian insult. A person who cant be trusted, who is full of shit and he knows that, but still behaves like he does believe in his words. Sort of an english dickhead but much ruder. Comes from 'huy' which is russian for dick.
Putin 'Huylo' Vladimirovich
by Gweenbleidd May 4, 2014
Dickhead, really fucked up person. Also a synonym for "Vladimir Putin".
Pronunciation hooi-lo. Russian: "хуйло".
Putin is huylo! la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa (Ukrainian national patriotic song)

Originally: Путін - хуйло! ла-ла-ла-ла-ла-ла-лаааа
by yaroosique May 29, 2014
putin Huylo (путин хуйло) or shortly 'ptn hlo' (птн хло) is an insult for putin meaning "putin is a Bastard"
A: look at that graffiti 'putin huylo'
B: i respect the guy who did it
by Карэткаж December 14, 2020