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Hussan; also means beautiful and he usually ends up with all the hot girls.Hussan; is the coolest guy you will ever see and every time you meet a Hussan you should be thankful.Hussan's are very unique and usually are doing the impossible and are always happy. If you ever hurt or dishonour a Hussan you are recommended to kiss his feet. all Kamandeep's are known to be Hussan's bitch.
"O my god there goes a Hussan"
by Xavier Zero May 02, 2008
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He is the god of awkwardness he is super funny if you get to know a hussan usually talks about memes. He is smart and decently handsome.
girl: who that guy? he shy.
other girl? oh, he is Hussan
by that 1 boi May 19, 2018
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