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An inappropriately strong,negative and often over emotional response to a perceived insult. Being hypersensitive , thin skinned over something trivial. Butthurt.
When I told her going to the movies was a stupid idea,she got a case of hurtfeelioma ,yelled" I don't have stupid ideas" and went home!
by Prplknite357 August 05, 2016
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An inappropriately strong,often overly emotional response,to a perceived slight or insult.Acting like a "drama queen" over something someone said. Usually results in cessation of communication and often hostility.
Awwww!...another case of HURTFEELIOMA. Take two Midol and get the Fuck over it!!!
by Prplknite357 July 26, 2016
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An inappropriately strong and/or unrealistic negative response to a perceived insult or criticism or being on the losing side of a contest or argument. Being over sensitive or "thin-skinned". Butthurt. The complaints of sore loser...A case of being over sensitive or whiney! The victim can be sincere or feigning indignation because they lack a suitable response.
Claiming he won by cheating sounds like you have a bad case of HURTFEELIOMA.
by Prplknite357 July 31, 2016
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This is what you call it when your feelings get hurt.
Jack had hurtfeelioma after Jill called him a douche.
by Water boy May 01, 2016
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