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The process of scoping out hunnys and getting their number
the rules are:
• Never go alone (that’s called stalking)
Hunny hunt at you level nothing below a 6 on the 1-10 scale of hotness (anything below a 6 is not legally considered a hunny)
• Dress good , unless at beach were no shirt is accepted every where else must dress “goodly
• Try not to be out numbered by girls that way it is harder for them to "kick you to the curb"
• Be aware girls travel in packs
• Pick out a prime location (park, beach, mall, movies etc….)
• Help a friend get a fine hunny even if it means talking to the ugly one
• Don’t use cheesy pick up lines Ex. (did it hurt……when you fell from heaven)
• Rock, Paper Scissors settles all problems that occur during hunny hunting (best 2 out of 3) counted by 1..2..3..shoot (go on shoot)
• Hats are frowned upon except in the case where your hair is messed or you look good in a hat
• A hunny hunt is considered successful when personnel information is exchanged (phone number, screen name, or name even) a conversation most have occurred
• Do not brag about anything that is a major turnoff and will ensure failure
• Lying is bad to
• If Hunny Hunting out of a car have the car be a nice car (NO MINIVANS(unless it is a cool minivan) and have good music playing (I.E. Rob Thomas – Lonely No More)
• Always follow the “80% Rule” (this rule is so there is no major and awkward age gap) (the rule works like this take the youngest persons age and divide it by the older persons age if it comes out to be great then 80% then it is ok to continue (THERE IS NO ROUNDING OF NUMBER IF IT IS 79.9999 it is still 79 not 80)) EXAMPLE: a guy (16) sees this fly hunny (13) and he’s all like dude she’s hot then his friend is like dude I think she may be below 80% so you whip out your pocket calculator and see 13/16= 81% so your like score but then she denies you because DUDE YOU CARRY AROUND A POCKET CALCULATOR.
• Use bait (such as little sisters/brothers, dogs (puppies) anything you can think of)
Jon: dude i'm bored
Noah: me too
Jon: wanna go hunny hunting at the mall
Noah: yea sure let me comb my hair first
Jon: remeber don't bring you calculator
by chefy May 25, 2006
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