like a high-five, the hugry chicken is a celebration between two people performed with the hands. one guy puts his hand flat, palm side up, and says "give me some hungry chicken" and the other guy puts all his fingers and his thumb togther and taps on the first guys palm. far superior to the high-five or the knucks
Did you ask her?
yea dude, she said yes, give me some hungry chicken
by matt erspamer May 7, 2007
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You’re sitting in a chair, sleeping, but a part of your brain is fighting it. Your head sags, chin to your chest, but then it whips back up, often accompanied by a snort. Like a chicken grazing for feed, you look hungry.
My man Clyde over here tryin’ not to sleep in that recliner, but it’s a losing battle and he’s doing the hungry chicken!
by Stratobladder September 22, 2022
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