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A war for control of France between the French Nobility and the English between 1336 and concluding with the English loss of Calais in 1556. Two main nutcrackers were performed here. Namely, the english had secured the favour of the peasantry in southern France, and had over-run that area. France also allied with Scotland to attack England rather unseccessfully in the north. This second nutcracker lasted until the two countries merged under James IV of Scotlands ascension to the throne of England and Wales in 1705.

The French armies were four times that of Englands, but England ditched the fuedal warfare system and instead created the more modern tactis to crush France for the best part of the war. When Joan of Arc united the kings of the individual regions to attack using these new methods, England began to be driven back. Under the rule of Mary, the English were pushed back into the channel islands in 1556, resulting in a long and predicted defeat, and the loss of both Englands' medievel empire, and staus as the most powerful nation in the world, until the United Kingdoms' collosal rise less than two hundred years later, which this tiem lasted until the twentieth century. In this period, France was prosperous, although defeated by Britain a number of times.
Modern warfare owes more to the 220 year long slugfest than any other conflict pre-20th century. The only more important conflicts saw the two sides unite with Russia and smaller nations (and later the USA) to take on German-Austro-Hungarian-Italian forces.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
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The French were all like "Hells-to-the-no, we get our own kings here, brotha." and then Joan of Arc came and she was France's homie. She came and went like "England yo king so fat he try to eat up all of France." But England wasn't gonna take her shit, so they lit her up. And they all lived happily ever after... except for Joan.
France and England's gang wars during the Hundred Year's War
by The Real Deal of History May 18, 2012
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A sexual act involving two males and one female. One male is known as England and the other as France. The woman sucks the cock of England as France gives her anal. During the act England must punch France only to be punched back. France then ejactualates and throws his semen at England
Bill was England, Ted was France and Janet was the Whore of the Canal.
by Innocent III April 21, 2005
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