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the act of having sexual intercourse with the sole purpose of humiliating the female for the enjoyment of the male
That bitch is so stupid, Rory and I are going to humilifuck her to teach her a lesson.
by C-Nut311 July 29, 2009
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An act of sex with consensual humiliation. Not gender specific as the other definition proposes. Women humuliate men a lot while having sex too. Humiliation can be as subtle as telling a man to strike a pose he's most convenient with, implying a pose when he's giving you a cunnilingus while letting the other woman fuck him in the ass. Or cheering him loud when he's leaking good and asking him if he likes going down on you, seeing him moaning and nodding while licking you, and then smile and mock this nodding and say "good boy", "I'm glad you're enjoying serving your purpose", "now it's time to up your ass game too, my slutty hunk". Humiliation can be public, like dressing him the way you like and consensually forcing him to go down on 8 women on your birthday party.
— When I look into your eyes, you remember that I humilifuck you everyday! Suck my toes! I'm the leader, you wanna see my boobs, grip them gently, kiss, lick them, you have to give a long french kiss between my legs first.
— I love being humilifucked by you so much. *sucks her toes, hugs her legs, kisses and hugs, gives her a cunnilingus, plays with boobs a lot, ups his ass game, lies, spreads his legs, gives her a complete control over his cock, she makes him cum on his own face*
by Rhinorival July 05, 2016
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