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the humancentipad is an apple product introduce in april 2011. it is a web appliance that is part human part centipede and part web browser, emailing device.

It was created by sewing 3 volunteers ( who agreed to the new terms and service of the Itunes music terms EULA) mouth to anus and taping an iphone to the forehead of the first individual, and an ipad to the anus of the last human thus creating the humancentipad.
why won't the humancentipad learn how to read?
by dustinleavitt April 27, 2011
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Human Centipad is a defective high-tech tablet computer including 3 people attached to each others with the colon developed and marketed by Apple . Finally the project for this item was canceled due to the fact that human centipad couldn't read.
Person 1: Whoah look at me i bought the Human Centipad!

Person 2: Lame, it can't read!
by chewbew May 01, 2011
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The Human CentiPad is a fictional creation in the season premier of season 15 of South Park. It is a play on the creation of an evil German plastic surgeon and the movie The Human Centipede, in which three people are joined together A2M in order to make a creature with one gastral tract.

The Human CentiPad is the same as mentioned above, but has an iPhone attached to the fact and iPad attached to the rectum. Kyle Broflovski forms the infamous "middle piece." It has 3G capabilities and does not know how to read. It prefers cuttlefish and burritos as its main source of food.
Since Eric Cartman was f*cked by his mom in a Best Buy, Steve Jobs decided to give Eric the first ever Human CentiPad.
by GerblesGerbles123 April 29, 2011
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2 or more individuals conjoined mouth to anus, with an iphone taped onto the forehead of the first one, and an iPad taped the last one's ass. Now the iPad can walk and read.
person 1: hey have you seen the humancentiPad episode on southpark??
person 2: yea its disgustingly awesome
person 1: iknowww rightt
by thefucktardbitch May 02, 2011
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An Apple product that is part human, part centipede, part web browser, and part e-mailing device. Unveiled by Steve Jobs on "South Park" Season 15 Episode 1. Usually made of people who don't read the terms and conditions on iTunes.
Bro: "What's up, Dogg?"
Dogg: "Not too much, Bro. Where's Guy?"
Bro: "Ah, he caught a bad break. He didn't read the terms and conditions when he downloaded Justin Bieber's latest song off iTunes and accidentally agreed to be part of a Human CentiPad."
Dogg: "Ouch, that's a tough break. I've got to say though, he sort of deserves it for listening to The Bieb. That guy blows something awful."
Bro: "Yeah, totally, what a chode."
by Nicholas D April 29, 2011
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Another ingenues invention by Apple and Steve Jobs. This new product incorporated an Iphone 4, and Ipad 3G. It was capable of "reading" through the help of a middle aged asian man, a 10 year old by, and a middle aged woman all surgically fused ass to mouth. It was rumored that the Iphone was duck taped the the forehead of the asian man. While the Ipad was duck taped to the butt of the woman.

Unfortunately, this product only made it through preliminary testing after it was recalled the day of its revealing to the general public at a Best Buy, Dr. Phil special. Where they gave the new product to an abused 10 year old boy, who claimed to be "fucked" by him mother.

Steve Jobs has yet to make a public statement.
Asian Man: Im so hungry! should I eat the Cuddle Fish and Asparagus? Or the Vanilla Paste?

10 Year Old Boy: Vanilla Paste! Vanilla Pasteeee!

Asian Man: OK! I will eat the Cuddle Fish and Asparagus!

Human Centipad: Yumm Yumm Yumm, sd;fjdsf, fsdjkfd, ;lkjdsf, eeerreekkkk, Beep.
by losebagman May 01, 2011
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the putting together of three humans mouth to anus with an iphone on the first person's head and an ipad at the last person's anus. also must be able to read.
awesome my humancentipad can read, shit into people's mouth, and play angry birds
by some1 kool May 16, 2011
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