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a shitty internet that aint worth shit
GUY1, hey you watching porn
kyle, no i exeded the fucking fap metter on hughes net
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shittyest excuse for a ISP there is, yes it even out shits AOL. They make there money from scamming those who live in peace, where DSL or cable is not available, Claiming to be "high speed" internet. With a bandwidth cap of 425megabytes you can download in a day before it actually goes slower then dial up speeds,and blazing speed of 1mps, which is usually about 15kbps if you on a good day. (which is the highest limit\spped at EIGHTY dollars a month 80$)

Not to mention the shitty tech, support in India, those who continually tell you "power cycle" your system which is just turning it off and on.

And if you plan on playing ANY form of online game you will have better luck if you attempted to sign on to it after plugging your computer into a cows ass. High latency and ping = fucked.
I want to download some songs, *downloads like 3* WTF WHY IS IT GOING SO SLOW... *30min l8ter* omg google loaded..

*Calls tech support* yeah why is it going so slow? Them (in very hard to understand Indian accent): Have you tried power cycling your modem sir? Me: yeah only about 100 times Them: ok sir please power cycle your machine. Me: FINE ill do it ONE MORE... *moments l8ter* wow that DIDNT FIX it. Them: Have you tried restarting your computer? me: FUCKING INDIAN BASTERES HOW THE FUCK IS THAT GONA HELP IF YOU TOLD ME TO DO 34958435908 OTHER TIMES AND IT STILL DONT WORK?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Them: Thank you for calling hughes net.
by Hallowed be thy name February 27, 2009
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