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Hitler Thought House, Los Angeles is a High School near Lake Balboa, California that prides itself on it's complete and total lack of technology. You see, a few days ago when it was called High Tech High Los Angeles they used to pride themselves on the opposite: however, many students tried to get around the WebNonSense™ block to actually be able to study for their classes by "abusing" a proxy called Ultra Surf. Around this time the staff ran out of ideas regarding how to make the school seem more important then it was and wanted to teach everyone at the school a lesson out of spite. They decided on the following, professional lesson: if you follow the school rules then you are rewarded with having privileges taken away! One morning the staff got together at their tall, dark round table and decided that the only way that they could properly assert their authority was to take away the technology that got them a California Distinguished school award.

And thus, several changes were made - the school's name was first changed from HTHLA to STALIN - School for Teacher Advancement at the Loss of INdividualism. However, they decided that making it obvious that they simply hated the students and wanted to punish the whole student body instead of the responsible individuals was a bad idea if they wanted to keep their funding, so they changed the name back to HTHLA - the Hitler Thought House, Los Angeles. Using values that Father Hitler himself would value, the school prides itself in finding scapegoats in "the bad students" who used the proxy, just like the Jews several decades before. According to staff, 110% of the student body was found using this proxy and thus everyone must be punished. Actual verification of exactly who was using the proxy has not been released because the IT guy was too busy playing basketball or playing Texas Hold 'Em on the servers graciously donated by Dell and HP using the proxy application to actually check the logs. Don't worry, the next time he threatens you with the ability to watch what you are doing just offer him a game of basketball - he will forgot all about his Orwellian Camera set up and the computer activity log. Either that, or use one of the Macs! If it boots up at all or if Safari runs properly, that is. Currently, the students are expected to complete their projects entirely using Ti-84 calcu- wait, that's technology, and technology is bad at hthla!

At hthla, Comrade Rybin and the staff think Cell Phone bad. Watch on wrist bad. Email with college application information and all our projects for the past three years bad. Travel of electrons in general bad. So, the staff get rid of all of the bad - files get delete, phones get destroyed and if you are caught protesting against this in any way, you are automatically a despicable, evil person who does not belong. You see, the staff, like Hitler, are mostly homosexual and enjoy forcing their beliefs down your throat.

So, come to hthla, come and join the fun! Enjoy the community of teachers that actively lies to it's students! Enjoy the community that scapegoats the students to make themselves seem important! Enjoy the community that punishes everyone whether they have actually broken any rules or not! Enjoy the projects that require computers to complete but are not to be worked on in class because there is no access to computers. Enjoy the real world business professionalism, where we teach you that you could get your company's entire workforce fired by playing that extra game of tetris when the IT guy is busy doing serious business with that server of his. Enjoy it all - you have to enjoy it, or you are a selfish, sexist, thoughtless and racist bastard!
Wow, the crackdown at hthla was so rational, logical and well thought out that staff didn't even have lesson plans ready for the day of the crackdown; students were forced to learn how to cut images out of magazines in photography, the programming class used TiBasic on Ti84s and the International Relations class watched a movie!

The professionalism of the staff at hthla is amazing; They punish everyone, not just those who are responsible like in mother Soviet!

Where can I sign my child up for re-education and brain washing at hthla?

I was going to sign up my student at hthla, but they wouldn't let anyone use a computer to do so.
by anounymous April 27, 2008
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a school wich consists of halo playing junkies that prides itself on technology that for some reason i go too there are so many nerds that the cool ones become outcasts.
you know in movies that have highschools that theres always a sean in wich a nerd gets bumped into and he dropps his books.
here everybody is constanty bumping into eachother and everybody droppes everything because were all nerds
hthla is the most overated school ever
by anonomous October 18, 2004
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