representing displeasure at stupid acts committed by person(s) named Jon.
Riding on top of cars that are moving at the speed of 20-30 mph.
by JRoe October 26, 2004
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From the Irish "Murphy" (to drink so profusely as to affect all aspects of one's character) and the Greek "Hermaphrodite," the word "Hrmph" has come about in both noun and verb forms:

Noun: A rather round faced object, capable of odd squeamish noises, often placed in trunks.

Verb: To overcome such an illogical and hysterical change, that society overlooks the absurdity of the change, and accepts it.
Noun: Whatcha gonna do with all those Hrmphs? All those Hrmphs up in your trunk?

Verb: Sean used to be a Yankee fan, but has sinced Hrmphed into a Met fan.
by Edmcd3 May 08, 2006
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