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the howdy neighbor is when you are railing a girl from being up against a glass door or large window. have your friend sneak in the room, as he gets an erection you start pulling out fully and putting it in again, then when they are ready pull out and theyll put their dick in, you leave, walk around to the front of the window, tap on the glass and wave 'howdy neighbor!"
we were totally at this party last night and arron and i totally gave this girl the howdy neighbor, she didnt even see it coming!
by jonnycore October 22, 2007
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When a person fists another person's asshole and proceeds to open ones hand and make jazz hands accompanied by spirit fingers!
Amazingly Gay Chris Lira wasn't even fazed by the Howdy Neighbor that Leroy gave him!
by Aaron O'Neal September 01, 2010
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