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A burger your mom used to make because you were on welfare. Common ingredients include Wonder Bread, green peppers, onions, and an egg.
Kids with McDonalds burgers - "Eww where did you get that welfare green pepper house burger?"

Welfare kid - "My mother made it." *runs off and cries.
by Truthbot July 19, 2012
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Created in a secret lab deep within the earth for Franklin House, Valparaiso Indiana.

Mad Creator: Mr. Erik Bakrevski.

Know as the tastiest burger ever conceived by a mortal man.
Gus: Suck my dick! This House Burger is the shiznit.

Leon: You're Goddamn right Gus. I'd suck a dick for that lip smacking goodness.
by Scoob0023 June 19, 2016
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