dry powder plaster, usually sold as "setting-type compound"

Mixed with water for use, it releases heat in an exothermic reaction
We need three more bags of hot mud to fill the cracks
by professor wombat June 22, 2005
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During intercourse, the act of taking a huge shit upon the chest of the other partner. Then, after the shit is complete, the partner who took the dump flips onto their back and lays on top of the shit pile until it is hot to the touch. It may then be used as a lubricant or eaten as a nice filling snack before the climax of the intercourse.
Jane gave me an awesome Brazilian Hot Mud last night! We got so full from eating that shit we couldn't even finish having sex! It was awesome!
by Laundro Mat September 10, 2010
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A steaming and unusually large load of waz blown directly into the hair on the back of the recipient's head.... right after a good old fashioned anal pounding. (The kind that mom would be proud of. ) Recipient must be fairly skanky with a mild to full blown case of monkey butt.
Bill took that nasty bitch Jill home from the bar last night. He couldn't stand the sight of her face and her teeth looked like she made a career of eating gravel... so, he gave it to her real dirty in the dumper. As he was nearly finished, he thought, "What the hell, why not? " so, he pulled out and gave her a hot mud honey treatment.
by lipshitz January 18, 2015
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Warm doodoo in the form of slop; mud like.
I took a burning shit that felt like slop. I had hot butt mud.
by Baby Suri Cruise December 12, 2006
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