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When a man only seems to be thinking about one thing...dick. Looking at dick, stroking a dick, smelling dick, and sucking dick.
Josh and Wayne are two of John's co-workers at the office. After seeing John whistling on his way out of the office at lunch, his two co-workers have a discrete chat.

Josh: "I know why John stays in such a GOOD mood in the afternoon."

Wayne: "Yeah, why does he have that extra spring in his step?"

Josh: "A friend told me that he likes to meet his partner, Mick, at home for lunch." He leans over and whispers "Before heading back to work they both have a huge helping of tube steak and gravy for dessert."

Wayne: "That helps explain the breath mints that he likes to keep in his pocket. Those hi-protein desserts really do linger on your breath."

Josh: "That may also explain why I keep catching him looking at his watch and my crotch as it gets closer to lunch."

Wayne: "It must be the pants. Those denims hug you in all the right places. After looking at your package all morning, John must be going home to make Mick sooo very happy."

Josh: "Yeah, hose happy! I can see a growing bulge down there in your wranglers partner. Might you be feeling a little hose happy?"

Wayne: "Maybe."

Josh: "I think it's time for OUR lunch break!"
by Happy Wolf July 11, 2010
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