Something you say in class that you will regret it the rest of your life
(Intercom) will you send Billy to the office

(Teacher) so Billy you have Saturday school?
(Billy ) hope so
(Class) what a looser
(Billy) cool beans (walks out the door)
by Kotojak April 27, 2017
Used sarcastically when you don't want something to happen or something bad already happened. Can be used interchangeably with "one would hope", "hopefully so" or "I'm hoping so". It occasionally can be used to express a neutral emotion as well, especially with a sense of indifference.
Jack: Bro, your girlfriend just cheated on you.
Elliot: I hope so.

Ivan: Janie, you just ran through three red lights!!
Janie: I hope so.
by probably_jenkins May 23, 2022