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Often shortened to HBU, it's when you get an emotionally aroused, rather than sexually. Think about the opposite of an
Jack: When you were caring for those little kids it totally got my heart bricked up.
Janie: Awwww, you know how much I like children.
by probably_jenkins May 31, 2022
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Used sarcastically when you don't want something to happen or something bad already happened. Can be used interchangeably with "one would hope", "hopefully so" or "I'm hoping so". It occasionally can be used to express a neutral emotion as well, especially with a sense of indifference.
Jack: Bro, your girlfriend just cheated on you.
Elliot: I hope so.

Ivan: Janie, you just ran through three red lights!!
Janie: I hope so.
by probably_jenkins May 23, 2022
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Used when someone is clearly making up an excuse for something. Derived from the kids who would always claim they had a girlfriend but that "you wouldn't know her, she goes to another school".
Jack: I'm usually good at throwing a frisbee, it must be the wind.
Elliot: Yeah dude totally, "she goes to another school".
by probably_jenkins May 31, 2022
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