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see hoorah

1) A shout, chant, mantra generated by army personnel to express enthusiasm, approval and overall excitement.

2) An expression of manly joy.

3) Yelled by Al Pacino Several Times during the movie Scent of a woman.
General: "Maggots are you ready to defend your country??"
Soldiers: "HOOWA!"
by Samny H February 14, 2008
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ex. Did you see that guy? Hoowa! He's a hottie!!

ex2: we won! Hoowa!!!
by Ashley October 31, 2003
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1. Pertaining to the homosexual spanish class.

2. An insult; stupid person, etc.

3. A sigh, or expression of arrogance or defeat.
1. Dude, Carlo and PePe are such hoowa's. (Spanish gay)

2. Nick, you little hoowa, I'll kill you! (stupid person)

3. Hoowa! I won! or Hoowa, you kicked my ass!
by Mandy October 29, 2003
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