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The act of inserting one's finger (maximum of two) into a vaginal or anal opening, before cramming as much fist or forearm in as the cavity will accept.
I thought she was going slow, but then Kelsey hook and laddered me and now I'm crazy sore.
by Carpe_Panton June 13, 2015
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The act of using the sound of a ringing phone (actual phone or mp3 of ringing phone) to get off the phone with an annoying person.

Also known as: ring fucking, designated caller

But here’s what I do. On the desktop I keep an MP3 of a cell phone ring. I start VERY early in the conversation and run the "hook and ladder" (play the mp3). Then I run the play again about two minutes later. Both times the other person says, ‘do you have to get that?’ and I take a moment, and sigh irritatedly, ‘no, it’s not important.’ Then the THIRD time, I say, “look, it’s clear this guy isn’t going to leave me alone, let me get this. I’ll give you a call back as soon as I can.”

by Phone Pirate Smitty October 26, 2007
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