usually used to define great music....supposedly taken from the label hooj choons (huge tunes)
by dj tomcatt April 11, 2004
a word that means nothing, and yet means everything.
1, 2, hooj, 3
Thats so hooj!
The hoojiest!
Stop being such a hooj!
by SSM101 January 8, 2012
Can be used to describe a beautiful sunset. Stems from the language of Critsche.
by Iamitchy December 7, 2021
Major and groundbreaking Trance and House label, mostly re-selling major releases from a collection of smaller labels. Was the "go-to" label for years on the DJ circuit when afterhours, raves and nightclubs were a booming scene.
-"That track is absolutely incredible"
-"It's the latest release on Hooj Choons, by L.S.G"
by lushys December 3, 2009