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An english dialect consisting of slang and grammatical abbreviations, often found in the hood; ebonics
"You can tell ol' babe from the westside, she got that hoodspeak"
by TinaMa April 22, 2008
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The slang words used by people born in the hood, but prominently used and 99.99% if not 100% invented by african americans
You always using hood speak in text, always saying shit like,"If you not finna beat they ass, best believe a bitch will 😤😤😤" or,"Y'all gon do yo chores rn for yo momma beat ya ass 💀💀💀." Its so funny 😂😂😂

Girl it's cause hood speak expresses how I feel man 😂😂😂
by shesacelebrity December 23, 2017
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