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1. Woodbridge, Virginia; a Washington DC suburb.
2. One of the few places where your Guatemalan neighbors grow corn in their front yard.
Harvey: Every time I look out of my window, I see Oscar messing with his corn.
Steve: Only in Hoodbridge.
by 37153 June 22, 2007
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that's where I be, that's where I stay, that's who I rolls wit.....that's Woodbridge 703 Virgina.....don't trip
Where ya from playa?

Oh you know dat 703 Hoodbridge VA!
by Bruce Da Truth August 17, 2006
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Of or relating to Woodbridge, Virginia. A risingly crunk town, Hoodbridge has been the birthplace of many amazingly crunk gangstas.
Yeah, I be riding into Hoodbridge to grab my thugs young.
by Richard "Rick" James July 06, 2006
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Hoodbridge is a suburban census-designated area of Prince William County, Virginia. The real name is Woodbridge. There is not 1 technical real "HOOD" in hoodbridge. It is not and is very far from a real hood. There might be a total of 2 murders a year. I do not know of any open-air drug markets in Woodbridge.

The only exciting thing worth even seeing in Woodbridge is......

"Dixie Bones Barbeque" serving the south for 125 years!
Why does everyone want to be a gangster and live in the mean streets of Hoodbridge?
by evilzebracakes4352 January 02, 2009
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