Fine young females with a sexy body and pretty face.
Hey man, where the honey dips at?

Damn, baby was a honey dip.
by kaycee17 June 19, 2011
1.A honey dip is your main chick your ryda chick who is with you through thick and thin

2. your main chick on the side
1.I got me a lovely chick,I got me a slutty chick, I got em all but my favorite one is my honey dip,she get drunk wit me,roll the pif up wit me,throw singles at ova hoes in the strip club wit me ---- JUELZ SANTANA
by EBEZE November 10, 2005
The act of a woman dipping her fingers in her vagina to let a guy taste her juices, usually in a public place.
When I saw the couple huddled together on the same side of the restaurant booth with her fingers in his mouth, I knew they were honey dipping.
by Dipmaster September 27, 2010
1.A honey dip is your main dude/chick, your ride or die dude/chick who is with you through thick and thin...

2. your main dude/chick on the side.
"Yo where the honey dips at?"- Tyler, the Creator (She Video)

Honey dip basically means a person who you chill with and could have benefits with regardless of you being in a relationship.
by yeawolfgang June 29, 2011
A Highly Attractive Lady, with a pretty face and nice body – proportioned well - slim waistline with curves in all the right places.
Damn, that girl right there's a honey dip. Her body and face is fine.
by Robbie Amorous May 25, 2005
The sexual act of honey dipping consist of anal sex with a receptive female long enough for her anus to be wide enough for the males testicles to be inserted into her ass.

" nigga i was biz-e all day honey dipping your mom"
by alaxander April 8, 2008