- Wake up. Moisturize. Exfoliate
- Put on some techno music and call Brad.
- Listen to Cher
- Go to the wizard of the oz party
- Protest No on Prop 8
- Party party party

That is the real homosexual agenda. Politicians don't know what they are talking about.
The homosexual agenda doesn't exist to hurt anyone. I'm a Republican and I know they have no agenda. They deserve the same right to marriage as anyone else.
by Elsa-Claire November 5, 2009
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The agenda of homosexual activists is basically to change America from what they perceive as looking down on homosexual behavior, to the affirmation of and societal acceptance of homosexual behavior.

Homosexual activists have always said that what they want is tolerance of homosexuality. Well, the pretense of "tolerance" is over. What they really want is to make sure that there is no verbal dissent. They don't want anyone to be able to say that homosexuality — like adultery, or lying, or whatever — is a sin. As long as that word is out there, it makes them "stigmatized" — or so they believe.
The homosexual agenda is to define as intolerant anyone who does not agree with homosexual activists.
by J Stevens October 2, 2006
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