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Ultra mega homosexual or super queer. Proud/pride with a positive connotation. Gay people with a huge pride of being gay or lesbian.
Alex: I think you are very pride of being gay.
Mattew: That's what I am
Alex: You're a homoqueer!
Mattew: Always, and I love it!
by MattewLing September 14, 2009
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Being รผber lame.
Crapness personified.
Someone who used to be cool but turns รผber lame.

Sushi>> Now now, play nice people.
Enfant>> Dude, since you got made a moderator you're such a homoqueer!
Sushi>> Enough with the gay jokes, don't make me put you in the hall of shame!
by Enfant January 26, 2006
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Another slang for homosexuals. It's the act of being homosexual and a queer at the same time.
That Lance sure is being a homo-queer lately.
by sspiddderr September 08, 2008
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