When this term originally began to proliferate in the 1970's it was a derogatory term for someone in the neighborhood who 'stayed inside the house"- had little experience, was afraid to take chances, wasn't cool, kinda sissified; a cat who stayed home with his momma.
Let's go to the store an' git some Now Or Laters...

Naw, I can't. Moms won't lemme ride my bike in the street.

Youse a real homeboy.
by lionstanding November 03, 2011
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The epitome of a friend. Somebody you kick it with. A person who always has your back. You can't go through life without a homeboy. It's hard to have more than one, because they're one in a million.
You ain't nothing without your homeboy. - Tupac Shakur
by Kalseng December 20, 2010
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home boy to a girl is a great friend who has her back and is real too the end
johnni noi from the big d is ka8e babybez homeboy.
by opitsindrumn0120012small October 20, 2015
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a term used commonly in hoods and ghettos closely related to Dawg. the elongated version of homeboy.
for those who have more time for greetings, "Homeboy" can be replaced by something like "Home skillet biscuit on a sesame seed bun with creame cheese mustard jello and ketchup on a sunday morning" Homeboy is often associated with "sup" and "yo."
Yo, sup my homeboy baked fresh on a homeskillet homebiscuit homemade by my momma?
by i am not black May 25, 2005
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Cats I'm tight with, chill wit, puff with, roll with, got Love for.
P-CP, Chris M, Chris O, Jav, and J are my HoMeboYz.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
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A man who likes staying at home because he would rather be at home.
I'm a home boy I don't get out much.
by doogyhouser March 30, 2010
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A slang word for friend, family. Gangsters and raper's will use this word.
'' Yo homeboy, Drop by the club, smoke some shit ''
by Mariokev June 19, 2009
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