Sporting event in which lewd, lascivious, and otherwise slutty hoes compete in events such as the Burmingham Bootie Call, Ho-Vault, and Dirty Sanchez. Prizes include a tube of pink glitter lipstick, cell phone skins featuring cartoon characters (such as tweety bird in a bikini), 22" rims, halter tops and an assortment of false eyelashes. Winners are determined by pimps, losers get choked.
<Steve> Hey Bill, are you going watch the HOlympics on ESPN this weekend?

<Bill> Yes, looking forward to it, Steve. Did you see Cherry Pie in the Ho-Vault prelims last week? She's great at handling that pole.
by MMEPL October 26, 2008
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Someone who goes out on a ho bender.... or is just a plain giant ho.... or.... to compete with your friends in a ho'in contest
"That girl was so nasty.... she wins Gold in the H'Olympics"

by RachelRed April 17, 2007
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When the thot you're trying to smash is making you play her thotty games. The series of bullshit tasks and situations that you must complete before you smash are known as the HOlympics.
Jimmy D: Yo I am fed up with this shit
Tommy F: What shit?
Jimmy D: I'm just trynna smash, but these HOlympics have been going on for weeks.
Tommy F: Just hit up Jenny. She won't do you dirty like that.
by Psychoniac May 15, 2018
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