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Noun. Holidays marked by family shouting matches resulting from lousy group dynamics, dysfunctional communication, and/or years of built-up resentments.
Ellen flew in from Seattle, even Jimmy came in from London. We're all home for the hollerdays -- let the screaming begin!
by 5$wds December 23, 2009
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1. A joyous time to rejoice at the end of the year with redundant department store music. Characterized by Santa Klaus, laughter, giving and receiving undesirable gifts, eating pork chops and egg nogg until you are utterly disgusted with yourself and everyone else in your presence.

2. A special time at the end of the year marked by useless kindness which is usually regarded as fake and self interested promises of the next year.

3. A Greco-Italo-Ecuatorian tradition of Biblical proportions, marked by extreme hubris, loss of dignity, and the fall of mankind. While Greeks still dispute this definition, Italians happily claim ownership, along with other disgraceful traditions and arts, including the infamously short lived roccoco art movement.
1. Hey, Happy Hollerdays!

2. Boy, what a wonderful afternoon. What are you doing these Hollerdays? Say hi to Tim for me.

3. Our Hollerday dinner of Palmetto deParmigiano's Tiny Meatballs, "was a particular letdown."
by Kleez December 25, 2008
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