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Holiday mode is a term given to the feeling one is in during the period of holidays. In holiday mode, one wishes not to engage in any academic or scholarly activities (e.g. analysing Shakespeare's Othello, deriving Kepler's Third Law, etc.) and only wishes to relax and have fun.

Holiday mode is infamously known in affecting students days, or even weeks before major breaks (summer break, winter break, spring break etc.) and has unfortunate effects on students.

One very common effect of holiday mode is a complete lack in ambition to complete any school work whatsoever. This in turn has detrimental effects on student grades.
Another effect of being in holiday mode is a feeling of total incomprehension. This means that a student just doesn't know what the hell is going on. From knowing what classes you have next day, to actually knowing what day it is tomorrow, you just don't know.

*Once a person is in holiday mode it is very difficult to get out.*
Piet: "dude, what classes do we have tomorrow? I am so confused and lost..."

Sipho: "sounds like you're in holiday mode bra...."

Bella: "we have an english presentation for tomorrow"
Ashley: "not doing it. couldn't be bothered. I'm in holiday mode now"
by dashingkab38 November 28, 2010
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